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X Duro Male Enhancement chandise arrived, then he would send him on board. The Captain Major, clearly seeing the treachery intended by the minister, dissembling his anger, sent word to his brother that he was X Duro Male Enhancement convinced, even should the boats full of goods be landed, he himself would not be given up and he therefore charged him to send the hostages on shore, and then to make sail and return to Portugal. If he himself should be killed, he added, nothing would be X Duro Male Enhancement lost, but that if Paulo and the ships were destroyed, their country would fail to reap the benefit they had obtained for her. He also entreated Paulo to lose no time in getting under weigh, as he was very sur.e that the Moors would send out their ships to attack them. On receiving this message, Paulo da Garna and all the crews swore that without the Captain Major they would not leave the port, nor would they send any more goods while honest Nicolas Coelho was eager to go on shore, resolving that if the Captain Major X Duro Male Enhancement were not set free, he would remain with him. The hostages were then brought out X Duro Male Enhancement of X Duro Male Enhancement the cabin, and Paulo da Gama asked th

em if they were sent by the King to remain male enhancement enlargement in case any harm should X Duro Male Enhancement be done to the ambassador. They acknowledged that such was does extenze make you last longer the case, and that the Portuguese might cut off their heads if they pleased. Paulo da Gama then replied that he had no intention of depriving them of life, but that they should be immediately sent X Duro Male Enhancement on shore, without any stipulation, as he would trust to their honour. to exert their influence in obtaining the liberty of his brother and his companions. He remarked also that should any harm be done their ambassador, the inhabitants of Calecut would for ever be considered by all X Duro Male Enhancement X Duro Male Enhancement nations as the most treacherous and barbarous people X Duro Male Enhancement in the ageless male enhancement pills world. He then bestowing many handsome presents on the hostages, sent them on shore with all due honour in one of the ship s boats. Meantime the Moors had gone to the X Duro Male Enhancement King, and declaring that penus extenders the Portuguese were X Duro Male Enhancement pirates, had offered to go out in their ships and attack them. The buttock enhancement using fat male King, believing this falsehood, ordered the goods in the Portuguese factory to be brought to his palace, and commanded that the Captain Majo

X Duro Male Enhancement

r and his companions should at once be put to death. His chief priest and overseer of the treasury, on X Duro Male Enhancement hearing this order issued, and.clearly foreseeing the consequences, hurried to the king, and entreated him not to commit so atrocious an act, observing that the Portuguese had done no harm, but had been kind and peaceable, and had presented the richest presents ever yet offered to a sovereign in India. At this juncture the hostages arrived, and by stating how liberally they had been treated, and how nobly they had been set free, turned the scale in favour of the Portuguese. The King immediately sending for Vasco da Gama, X Duro Male Enhancement humbly begged his pardon for the way he had been treated, declaring that much had been done without his knowledge, and X Duro Male Enhancement that he also had X Duro Male Enhancement been deceived by evil counsel. Vasco da Gama X Duro Male Enhancement replied that the King must act according to the dictates of his sense of honour, and that had he murdered an ambassador, the world would have spoken.very ill of his Majesty. The King then gave Vasco da X Duro Male Enhancement Gama several pieces of fine stuff, and a piece of silk, with several

rubies and pearls, and again X Duro Male Enhancement asking his pardon, and saying that those who had given him bad counsel should be punished, honourably dismissed him. On his way vxl male enhancement pills to the boats Vasco da Gama met the factor, who informed him that the factory had been robbed, X Duro Male Enhancement no dingdong male enhancement pills doubt by the order of the King, but he would not allow the X Duro Male Enhancement lavestra male enhancement reviews factor to complain, though he warned the overseer of the treasury that he would at some time come X Duro Male Enhancement back and revenge on the heads of the Moors X Duro Male Enhancement the wrongs he had received. He then embarked with all his men, and proceeded male enhancement zen to the ships. The Castilian, as they were shoving off, leaped into the boat and begged leave to accompany them. coco male enhancement Vasco da Gama was received with unbounded joy by his brothe. r and the officers and crews of the ships. He rewarded the Castilian for his services by giving him five Portugueses of gold and X Duro Male Enhancement a piece of cloth and X Duro Male Enhancement several red caps, and he signed a paper to the effect that he was a sincere friend to the Portuguese, a faithful Christian, and that all confidence might be placed in him. With this the Castilian returned on shore, when he told t