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Sex Pills lso on account of the Sex Pills connection of the viceroy of Mexico with affairs pertaining to this country. On this subject I am sending, together with this, a clause of a letter written to me a few days ago by the fiscal of your Majesty, the licentiate Geronimo de Salazar y Salcedo, who went to inspect the ships which have just come from Mexico. It is very important for the Sex Pills royal exchequer of your Majesty, and to everyone, that neither the viceroy of Nueva Espana nor the governor here should have any authority in such affairs, nor in any in which they have an interest, or which concern the auditors and all matters in this state should be removed from their power. I am informed that the cabildo of the church and that of the city have written, and are now writing, in r.egard to the seating of the wives and daughters of the auditors, and what should be conceded to the city officials. It certainly appears unfitting that in the main chapel of the cathedral, which is not very large, the priest, the ministers, and the archbishop Sex Pills or bishop, when they are in the most exalted part of Sex Pills the Sex Pills ministration at the altar, should encounter immediately under their eyes, handsomely dressed wom

en and girls. Sex Pills I do not think that this is in accordance with the sacred canons, or with the lofty contemplations which alone are fitting at the altar, and the devil greatly prizes all that he may gain there. This has come to such a pass that even the alcaldes mayor desire that, Sex Pills in hard steel male enhancement their own districts, their wives should enter into the main chapels, Sex Pills even though the bishop be present. One of them best male enhancement products uk had a fierce quarr. el with me over the matter, but both he and his wife paid for it to God, a short time after, and are still suffering for it and we know not when cheap dick pills their punishment will end, for they pay with their honor and peace of mind. Further, it is not right that the otc sex pills that work wives Sex Pills of the auditors should be placed ahead of the city officials. best sex pills for men over the counter They tell me that even the children and brothers in law of the auditors are sometimes seated on the bench of the city, and in the best seats. I am told that in Sex Pills the days of the former Sex Pills Audiencia neither the wives of the auditors nor that of the governor entered the chapel. Certainly it seems that to have them Sex Pills enter particularly in Holy Week when the offices are celebrated below the steps of the great altar, cannot be endured. Moreover, in th

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is time of sede vacante 21 a concession has been obtained from.the clergy that is not customary, as I am told, in the chancillerias of Valladolid and of Mexico. I beseech your Majesty to have me advised of your will in all respects, and to be Sex Pills pleased to have much consideration given to the fact that the altar and its ministers are in much confusion, and that things should not be introduced which are vanity, but only such as are fitting to Sex Pills the grandeur due to the office of ministers of your Majesty. Sex Pills As for the cities, they too are representatives of your Majesty, and it is just that, as such, they should be honored. What I mention as allowed here Sex Pills sede vacante , which is not customary in Valladolid or in Mexico, is the giving, as is reported, of the pax 22 to the auditors. The Sex Pills religious orders are generally defective in a matter pertaining to the instruction it is a most serious de.fect, and demands your Majesty s interference. I fear that at times it occurs through ignorance or want of reflection and I am not sure if there be not mixed with it, now and then, a Sex Pills lack of affection for the Indians. They are wont to maintain certain mission villages, where they have ba

ptized several, or even a goodly number Sex Pills Sex Pills and then they leave them, and the bishop has no one to male angel pill station there thus souls are lost, and those baptized Sex Pills return to their idolatries and old ways of life as is the black mamba enhancement pills case even now. It is possible that if they abandoned missions of some value, some secular Sex Pills clergyman might be found to go to them. But Sex Pills they only abandon those that no one desires unless it be the devil, to take them away with him to hell. We are not taught to do this by the theologians and the jurists v shot male enhancement in matters of distributive justi. ce, wherein Sex Pills formula r3 male enhancement review they say that in certain times of need the less valuable benefices are to be lilbigrow male sexual enhancement us given in turn to the most worthy of the priest